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OzWide Heavy Vehicle Deliveries - Truck Moves, Bus Moves, and Car and Vehicle Relocation

OzWide Heavy Vehicle Deliveries is a business website who moves trucks and relocates vehicles Australia wide. However, their original website is not dynamic because it has very limited features and it looks really old like a website from the 80’s. The only thing they can do is add pages and a limited amount of images plus their website loads extremely slow. Slow website is very bad for search engines and they are also pretty bad for customers who can’t wait for a slow loading website. Because of such issues, the client wants their site to be faster, more dynamic, and user friendly, appealing to customers, and many more.


I introduced WordPress, a content management system that would best suit their needs. It’s dynamic, user friendly, and it loads fast.

  • I asked the client for the list of  things they want for their new website. (i.e. website color, new features, etc.)
  • I asked the client to get a new hosting and test things out on a different domain.
  • I installed WordPress and edited the default twenty twelve theme that came with it and give it a new look with the help of CSS, HTML, and WP Codex.
  • I have had to edited and modified all of the images the client provided for the background, header, and image gallery since they don’t fit, they just break the website, and they need titles texts to be added, removed, or modified.
  • I researched, tested various plugins, and modified the selected plugin,  to achieve the sliding image effect the client wanted.
  • I added twitter and facebook buttons which can only be seen on the front page as instructed by the client.
  • I created a gallery page which contains vast images of successfully delivered trucks and cars.
  • I also had to show random images from the gallery page on the sidebar for selected pages which I was able to achieve using WP Plugins
  • I researched and modified various video players to achieve a video player unique only to his website
  • I installed SEO Plugins and tons of other plugins to achieve most of the clients desiresle.
  • I edited and updated all css related scripts so that the site would be tablet, smartphone, and mobile friendly.
  • I transferred the original domain to a new hosting and migrated the newly created website to the domain.

Everything about this website is a success since it has ranked #6 in the search engines even without off-page SEO for the targeted keywords and all the problems the client previously had has been addressed.


OzWide HVD was created on behalf of Joanne Villarba for “Australian Internet Success” and its clients.



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